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Chaotic Music: The Concert


Hip Hop is art to speak the mind.
Hip Hop bleeds the soul through a melody.
Clean music with a story.
We have pop r&b and even Christian music in the building. 
Come rock out to some new creative lyrics.
Be a part of #ChaoticMusic

Let's show the world that Hip Hop music is not just nonsense with a bad message but some have a positive outlook on the world to help others and relate to (Us) the people.
November 19, 2016, 2016 7pm- 9:30pm
Doors open 6:30
Seating limited
Tickets $5.50 advance purchase online only

$10 at the door
Product will be sold for your support
Concessions will be open, but no alcohol and no outside food/beverages are allowed in the theater.

Purchase Tickets

Upstage Arts is trying something new to inspire and enlighten our community. We are bringing a Hip Hop Music and Art event to the theater!
This event is sponsored, developed, and presented by the artists and by our students. They have assembled a concert performance of Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop music that is clean and family friendly so all of you can attend. It is way different from anything we have done before. It speaks to creativity, literacy, modern culture, and the local music scene. It is a venue for our students to express themselves in new and creative ways. The Artists understand that there are very few venues where they can present family friendly music and share their positive message with the public.
Artists are from all over Houston and have put together a family friendly show to entertain you and have fun. Some of the show is interactive, some performance, all art. The artists want to know meet you and find out what you think, see what they are doing, appreciate their poetry, maybe dance a little, most of all have fun. All of the artists have CDs to sell (very reasonable) and some have other items like T-Shirts.

The Organizers:

Alexandria Long (Chaotic Queen) : Organizer & Host
Paula Long : Ticketing and Concessions
Sutton Anderson : Master of Ceremonies
Ava Bates & Christian Long : Lighting and Sound Tech
Scott Long : Security

"When I'm on stage, I'm trying to do one thing: bring people joy. Just like church does. People don't go to church to find trouble, they go there to lose it."
  -James Brown


About The Artists:

Chaotic Queen
In third grade, I wrote a poem about a frog that I turned into a song. At the same time, children's TV began airing show promos with a hip-hop flare to them. I was drawn to the music and wrote more poetry thinking about the beats I'd heard. I started listening to musicians in the hip hop field and was introduced to Eminem the next year. My world completely changed. I studied how Eminem used words to convey his message, and I started rapping, mostly in private. I wrote continuously, believing my path was to write hip hop songs for other artists. I eventually began to rap in front of others, both the songs I'd written and freestyling. I was received well and my confidence grew. I began recording in 2012 and in 2014, I started selling my demos to my peers and spitting with other rappers. After I graduated high school, I performed in my first show. I was well-received and booked more shows. I went to a professional studio and recorded "All Falls Down," the first in a three-part song series. Artists and industry professionals began providing constructive criticism to help me grow. I look forward to making my own way in the music industry, becoming the artist I always have known I can be. I started Chaotic Music to give artists an opportunity to reach their local community after discovering that there was no real outlet for performing in a family friendly environment. Michael Ward at Upstage Arts and I got together and decided that the theatre was the perfect venue for bringing together local artists and our community, and thus, Chaotic Music was born.


Str8 Money GT is an rising Hip Hop artist from Houston Texas. Born December 18, 1990, she began rapping at the age of 11. She's known for her outstanding wordplay, delivery and metaphors. Her influences are Tupac, Eminem, and J. Cole, just to name a few, and you can hear it in her music how these artist influenced her. While most rappers rap about money, sex, and drugs, GT raps about whats going on in the world and her struggles with poverty while being raised with her three brother by her single mom. 
Hey I'm ATTXLA, a 20 year old recording artist from Houston, Texas! I'd have to describe my music as an experimental approach to Pop and R&B with added elements of Hip-Hop. Y'all should check me out because I will be sure to entertain you and leave you wanting more!

YouTube Link -
Reverbnation link -

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