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Upstage Arts- Plan for re-opening.

After much consideration, Upstage Arts will remain closed until further notice, due to the corona virus pandemic.  Essential members of our staff are immunocompromised or have loved ones at home who are at risk.  Based on this fact, current status of the quarantine,  and the results of the survey, we felt our best course of action would be to use this time to make building and procedural improvements and re-open in the fall. We wish you all good health!

In the meantime, You may see a “For Lease” sign on the door.  We are using this time to look for potentially better sites, but may choose to go back into the original space if we do not find something more suitable to our needs.

We will be announcing very soon our upcoming season with new and exciting shows!

Welcome to Upstage Arts!

Upstage Arts is a non-profit community theatre for all ages and skill levels. With full scale, high quality shows, actors train in all aspects of theatre including acting technique, voice, musical theatre dance, and technical theatre.

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