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About Us

Our Vision


We are dedicated to offering children the full theater experience in a positive and supportive manner. This creates a special place for them to learn and thrive in the arts. 


Upstage Arts encourages student participation in every aspect of each production including building and painting sets, running the technical booth, selling concessions, and working backstage during performances.  All student ideas are welcomed and thoughtfully considered.  Children who are responsible and show enthusiasm for creating an outstanding performance have the opportunity to perform in lead roles and even direct in our summer workshops.


We strive to keep a healthy balance of hard work and fun. Our goal is to create outstanding children's productions by helping children develop their talent while protecting their self-esteem.

How Shows are Funded

Upstage Arts is 100% non-profit and can not exist without volunteers.  The overall success of Upstage Arts and of each production is dependent on tuition payments, ticket sales, donations and fundraising activities. Please find out today what you can do to help through donation or volunteering.

How Shows are Produced

Upstage Arts is unique to children's theater because of the quality of our shows.  We generally perform full Broadway style productions with elaborately constructed sets and detailed costumes.  Our rehearsal schedule reflects the amount of time needed to create these high quality shows. 


We schedule 3-10 performances  to allow plenty of opportunites to show off the hard work of our cast and crew and to allow plenty of opportunity for family, friends and the community to see the production.


How Shows are Cast

We use an audition process to cast each show.  Most kids are nervous their first time auditioning, but it is a very kind and supportive process full of cheering and clapping for one another.


Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding the cast.  Acting and singing ability are important, but stage presence and the ability to take direction are also factors.  Whether a previous student or not, all children have a equal chance to receive lead roles.  We care for all of our performers and want them all to develop.  We try and make the process as fair as possible and put each child on stage as much as possible.


It is inevitable that some children will be dissapointed in the role in which they were cast.  Cast members that work hard and act responsibly will grow in their skills and abilities and will earn the trust of the directors.  This will increase the likelihood of a more prominant role in future productions.




Mission Statement

Upstate Arts is a non-profit organization commited to inspire, challenge and promote artists and art in our community. Aimed at Theater and Fine Arts, Upstage Arts intends to contribute to our community members of all ages, providing a hands on personal growth experience through a rewarding participation in the arts on all levels, as artists, audience members, and contributors.

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