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Susannah Holmes


Auditions- none


Ages 9 and up


Rehearsals- M-F Aug 1-12  8:30-12:30


Performance- Saturday, August 13 at 6pm



$250 (Cash or Check)

$260 (Credit Card Online)

Bring a Friend and Sibling Discount $25

One per family limit

The Summer Shakespearience will give students the opportunity to be showcased in 3 performances: an individual monologue, song, or combination, a duet or small group scene or song performance, and a large group scene.  


Over the period of 2 weeks of rehearsal:


Students will be given an introduction to Shakespeare and many of his well-known plays and sonnets.  


Students will be given the option to choose standard Shakespearean delivery, modern translation or song for individual and duet or small group performances. 


Students will be able to choose the plays or sonnets they prefer for their own individual and duet or small group performances.  

Students will audition for and perform in a 10/15 minute group scene from one of Shakespeare's plays, Much Ado About Nothing.


Students will have the opportunity to learn about and perform the works of one of the world's most renowned writers in 3 unique ways.


The show will consist of 7-10 individual performances, 4-5 small group performances, and one performance of the entire group.  


The performance on Saturday night should be one exciting and unforgettable hour of Shakespearian entertainment!

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