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Enrollment Information

Enrollment Steps:
  1. Please email to reserve a spot at our casting day.  Include the name and age of all students wishing to register and which show(s). (camps and private lessons do not require attendance on casting day)

  2. You may download our registration forms and bring with you to casting day. You may also email them to

You may pay by check in the mail with your registration forms, pay by PayPal on our website, or pay by check or cash on casting day or the first day of the camp or production.

We Welcome New Performers!


We pride ourselves in helping students fall in love with theater.  Many of our children begin developing their talent and search out voice teachers and dance classes to enhance their Upstage experience.  It is not a requirement though.


Every student was brand new at some point.  At every audition we have kids who have never had a single voice lesson, acting class or who have ever performed.  All of these kids have a place at Upstage Arts, and we predict that they will soon fall in love with the theater as well!


Auditions at Upstage Arts are conducted in a kind and supportive manner. 

What to Expect on Casting Day

Everyone feels a little nervous during casting. There is a place for every actor at Upstage Arts. Here is some information that will help you prepare:

  • Dress appropriately with comfortable clothes and shoes that allow you to move.

  • Each casting audition should last only 5-10 minutes.  

  • All enrollment forms must be completed before being seen.

  • You must state your conflict dates on your enrollment forms. Your number of conflicts will affect your casting.


Be ready to do some or all of these things:

  1. Singing notes at the piano with a director.

  2. Act out a nursery rhyme of your choice reflecting an emotion given to you by the director.  For example, Humpty Dumpty angrily.

  3. Learn and perform a short dance as a group (for dance auditions only)

  4. Singing a solo.  Returning performers will often sing a song to a karyoke style CD.  This is encouraged.  If you do not have a song prepared you will be asked to sing "Happy Birthday" or any other song that you know that is recognizable.

  5. Performing various scences of the show with a script provided.


It is always helpful to prepare for casting by familiarizing yourself with the show that is to be performed beforehand.  The more you prepare, the better your chances of earning your favorite role.  Remember that auditions are not a talent contest, but more of a matchmaking process.  The director will choose actors that best reflect the character being portrayed.


The director has a very difficult job and it is natural that some actors will feel disappointed.  Please refrain from calling the director to express your disappointment.


If you love your role remember to be respectful of other actors and do not brag.


Lastly, remember that you are always in the casting process once the show begins.  How professional you are and your performance in one show will affect your audition results in the next.


Break a Leg!


Click to see more information about auditions (Word doc)

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